Slowly my pathfinding skill improves. I still can’t open any new path but I check those close to town regularly. Soon!

In another topic altogether, I’ve had an opportunity recently and, since I was in the mood for a change of style, I accepted Taryn’s generous offer of orgaberries and went from my usual drab attire to a more (hopefully) distinctive look. I had to ask my friend Lily for some fashion help, since this is really not something I’m use to do. I quite like the result! /thank Taryn and Lily!

Waiting to port to the Orga Stronghold

In other news, we continue our exploration of the Orga Stronghold. We encountered a major spawn while the group was split and that was quite exciting. We managed to recover with some great foot work by Naferu and the skills of our healers. We then got everyone back except for Fiona who was chained by a razzia then ported in a hut near Bartok’s tent. We couldn’t make it to her though and she had to depart. This is a challenging area but we’re getting better at it and we’re working well as a team. I’ve had many opportunities to chain in this expedition and the opportunity to try my yell chain load macro but it still needs some work!

All great fun!

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Missing in action

Where are you?

Ok so, for a while I was the one missing in action (MIA). It happens. It happens to most of us. For various reasons.

Whatever the reason, most of us still citizens of Puddleby, come back eventually. Well, hopefully.

It’s true that we lost many over the years. I know I miss many people who went away never to come back. But there are a number of people who are still here after all this time and that is precious. Those who are still here will probably stay until the Sun burns out.

Now, it so happens that many close friends of mine are in that phase. The MIA phase. For some of them I know the reason and my heart goes out to them and I wait patiently for them to heal enough to want to come out. For some I don’t know the reason and I worry a bit. Am I alone in imagining the worst in these situations?

While we wait for those friends to come back, I’ve been busy with various explorations. The Orga Stronghold, and the Rain Forest are among the places I’m exploring these days. I’ve also checked Lugubrion’s Keep again recently and found nothing new. There is still this link to the Ethereal Plane that we tried to solve some years past. At great cost I might add. Still a sore point for me, yet I’ve been there checking things again.

The Rain Forest was new to me and it is a wonderful place. Quite enchanting scenery and the sounds of the forest are unique. We still have things to discover there I’m sure, and I’m enjoying exploring.

As for the Orga Stronghold, we’ve finally reached Trillbane! For me, this adventure started decades ago, as I explained in another entry. After a long hiatus on that journey, I started again on its path a few years ago with Taryn’s group. After much efforts we finally found Trillbane this zodiac and I started training with him. It was a surprise to me he was a Fen. Nobody had mentioned that. And now finally I’ll reach the (current) top-level of pathfinding. Well, I’ll reach it eventually! 🙂

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So I’ve been quiet in these pages recently, but that’s because I’m working on the book itself. I’m re-arranging things around here but it’s a long process so stay tuned!

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Beer Connie!

I was sad when I heard about Baffina’s passing. I did not know her well enough, but I do remember that each time I encountered her she put a smile on my face. That’s precious. That, in turn, made me think of my time as a younger exile which resulted in one my recent blog entry where I reminisce about all those who helped me over the years. And writing that entry made me think that we don’t say enough to people that we care about them and how they are precious. There are many people in CL that should be honoured. People that make things fun for others, for instance, should be celebrated. Let’s start with Connie.


Hello Connie. I wanted you to know how much respect I have for you. You’ve been there for me all these years, patient and supportive. I remember you waiting on me patiently while I was trying to figure out leh lines (see REEF) or some other futile endeavour of mine. You are there for others, organising moseys and such and explaining things to newbies patiently. You’re always cheerful, always a pleasure to hear, with your special sense of humour that delights and surprises. I love your accent and your antics. I love how you bring people ‘in’ without seeming to, how you are always there for others without imposing or putting yourself forward.

One thing I like about you is that you take anyone under your wing. You pick up those left behind by other groups and bring them on your moseys to have fun. And then you make sure everyone in the group is happy, without focusing on experience, instead focusing on making sure everyone is having fun.

Really, I didn’t tell you enough over the years, so here it is. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being you. You’re a gift to CL. Beer!

I’ve asked people for their thoughts about Connie, here are a few of them:

Maeght fondly remembers Connie’s Snaggy moseys from the University of Puddleby days.

Taryn remembers that Connie was always quick to answer her call for fighter support when she was doing rescues as a younger exile. She also remembers Connie’s explanation regarding her 2nd circle suspenders, although she cannot quite say it as Connie did: “Well, first I take a drink, then I hit something, then I take another drink, then I hit another something, and then I take another drink, and, well, I pass out before I pass.”

Lori likes to tell that story to newbies as well, explaining that Connie drank moonshine to celebrate killing each creature in the test. As she got better, though, she killed stuff faster and so she had less time to recover from her last drink before she drank again and so the test actually got harder!

Connie told her that she got the shieldstone ring so she could move creatures away from orga chests  so she could pop them for healers.

She also believes that Connie was the one who invented the word “Horusrod” for Del and her, to counteract the old prevailing idea that the Horus healers had to be in the rear.

K’vynn tells how Connie Crete helped him:

K’vynn had recently quit Hunter clan – the first clan he joined that he didn’t help start… he was quite burnt out at that point and not sure what and where he was going to go from there. As we all know, Connie can be extremely subtle when she wants to be. No really, she can. She knew I needed a new home, otherwise I might be lost like other Journeyfen get while on their you know what (but not what). FB invited me on some hunts as they wanted to have a mystic in their group again after losing theirs, and after quite some time as a regular participant, decided I could be “FB”. Despite all her ‘bossyness’ and such, she knows I enjoy the ‘hunt’ and contribute to the group – no matter how ‘useless’ I am. I happened to know it was Connie who suggested to FB that I might have time to go with them… if it weren’t for Connie trying to find a place for me in a group that could use me and help me grow, I do know I wouldn’t be out and about as much as I am today (and having fun).

Connie is really good, usually, at reading people. Not always, but usually and figuring out where to take a group that will still challenge everyone’s skills – her knack at grabbing people into a mob and still making it fun to be around, is something I think is really rare in the lands. Certainly not promising the group will survive but challenging everyone to do what they do best all at the same time. Forgiving to a fault, but don’t cross her. She’ll hire Prue to drop you in lava at the drop of a hat if you are abusive in any serious way! Well, if Prue were still around…

Connie is the heart and soul of the friendly part of Puddleby – she always invites folks ‘mob’ to get out and about now and then, giving everyone a chance to just do what they do best.. and perhaps a slightly different way of seeing the lands.

Always with a word “Beer!” and fun to chat with!

Warplet had this to say:
I first met Connie back a long time ago now. We first hunted on the 69th day of Spring in the year 539. It was getting on toward evening and the DM was getting together for a meeting shortly after we had pulled off a successful Volympics. The DM finished up the meeting and was heading off to a hunt when Connie and another dwarf stopped by to see what the DM was about as they were trying to find clans to join.

Now the DM buys axes for new members if they can’t afford them, ‘cause all good dwarfs need an axe. We were talking about axes and Connie asks “when do you know that yer ready fer one?”

After some more discussion on that topic we headed off to the very dangerous S pass to hunt wendies. Connie invited her friend Tas along as well. All went well with nobody having to be drug back to town on a chain. Connie went on to join the DM shortly after.

After a bit more time went by, it was around the 15th day of Spring in 541, Connie passed her 2nd circle fighter test. After that she continued on to help countless exiles learn how to fight. She’s been a true asset to the DM as well as to the community of Puddleby. I think she’s now answered more questions about axes from new exiles than anyone that I know.

Beer! Connie. You’ll always have a home in the DM 🙂

I invite you to post comments about Connie below if you have fond memories about her.

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So I have a few projects. I’ve changed ‘modes’ recently, after a long stay in my laboratory for extensive planar research. My isolation (for safety reasons) had a positive effect on me. It was a time to think, reassess my stance. I’ve been pursuing things in a certain light since exile and it’s necessary sometimes to stop and get your bearings.

I did that and went through a number of different phases. Not all of those phases were positive, I am sad to say. Introspection can be painful. Nonetheless, I am here and operating on different principles now. My goals have changed. The way I apprehend the world is different.

I’m still the same person, of course. Numerous flaws included! (seriously.) But I’ll apply myself to overcome those that are in the way of my (new) goals. We’ll see how successful I am with that…

I’m still getting organized, but soon I’ll launch some of my projects.

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Scrolls and such

These scrolls have been around for a long time. As I write this, it’s been 52 years since I started this (ooc: since 2001). I did write a lot more back then.

I remember how lost I was when I was a young exile. I didn’t know where things were, how things worked. I talked to people in town without realizing they were teaching me things for instance. I was overwhelmed by it all. I almost went in the library to hide, never to set a foot outside again.



Then I found a few scrolls in the library. Those that made the biggest impact on me were Tonoto’s maps. I remember pouring over them and seeing the scribbled notes that sparked my interest. *A well! Hm, I need to see that!* And then I would run, alone, into East Forest in search of that landmark. Each feature was taunting me, and I went after them all. I fell constantly trying to reach them and explore. I spent hours on my back looking at the sky, waiting for a rescue. I learned to run, that’s for sure.

As I spent the first 5 years of my exile (ooc: more than a RL year) without a sunstone, I didn’t know if people were searching for me or not most of the time when I was fallen (I didn’t even realize there was a broadcast network back then). Sometimes people would contact me to toggle locate me but not always. I remember not being sure where I was FHmost of the time. It was always a sense of wonder when someone came by and helped me. I fell so often that I’m sure people were tired of hearing about me, yet again fallen here or there. People were nice to me. I remember a lot of people taking time to come and get me, time after time, and I noted those who did and tried to give back as much as I could over the years. The list was long. I developed a (color) labelling system for it.

It was maps like those of Tonoto that made me want to explore. And it was my troubles and failures as a young exile that made me want to write these scrolls to help newbies.toes

I had been writing in these pages for quite some time, one day, when someone started giving away her possessions in town center. She announced she was leaving and offered her stuff. I was very shy but I managed to bring myself to ask her for her sunstone and she gave it to me. I wish I could remember her name (ooc: I hadn’t come around to save text logs yet). I still carry her sunstone to this day.

I clearly remember when I put on that sunstone for the first time. Oh my God! It was like a revelation. After about five years walking the lands by myself in relative silence, it was quite a shock to suddenly hear all the chatter. There were often around 200 people out of toesthe library at a time back then, it was quite a busy channel! It made me realize what I had missed all that time. The call for help for people (like me), the banter, the call for hunts, reports on events, earthquakes, boasts, etc. The sense of community.

It was a time when there were rescue healers who ran constantly from place to place. Healers were stationned near the South Forest mirror in what was called the Hospital. Kizmia’s Island was the chalenging place. I remember when the Valley was first discovered. I heard about it on the sunstone and joined a party going there to check it out. It happened so fast I wasn’t sure where it was situated.

I mostly made maps so I could have a notion of where I was. I made scrolls for newbies because I would have liked to read some when I was a newbie. I wrote in my journal as an outlet for what I was thinking or feeling, and to share as I would have liked others to share their adventures. It grew over time and I know it helped a few people over the years, as I’veabyss received thanks from strangers for them.

I’ve been working on these scrolls a bit recently, freshening up the look, mending a few problems, changing the organization so it’s easier to navigate. Many of the scrolls are now out of date, but I don’t have time to update everything. I did update a few maps, mostly because they’re the only one publicly available for those areas and I found a few errors in them.

I wonder if they’re still useful these days. I’m not sure there are newbies anymore, at least not the kind that needs this kind of information. Perhaps there are. In any case, I still write in this journal, so why not leave the guides and the rest available as well? If it can inspire one exile to go look over the next hill I’d be very happy. I am thankful of Tonoto for his maps, and I am thankful of all those who came and picked me up when I was a young exile. I’m only paying it forward. I’ll continue to help others and pay my debts to those who were there for me in the past. If you’re one of them, I thank you.

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We had an expedition planned to the new frontier in the Eastern Mountains. We were to explore that new area and see what we could find there. It’s one of the toughest places in the lands at the moment. Of course that will change in time, but for now it is the frontier.

What wasn’t planned was the total chaos that occurred right about the time our expedition was scheduled to start! Complete and utter chaos, as it happened on a regular basis a long time ago.

It was great! We were taken to several different places in the lands, many of which I had never seen myself. Portals (sometimes in the form of inviting tents…) were left and right, taking you to remote places. In one such place I fell instantly, and was chained for a tour through a number of snowy snells. A glacier on Metz I think.

At other times the whole town was gripped by giants hands and sent to various places in the lands for a time, then to another place. It showed me quite a few places I would love to visit again…

Items were dropped, ranks were earned, creatures were engaged (with more or less success), costumes were donned, boasts were made and silliness ruled for a time.

Then eventually everything returned to normal. The clock was thrown back, it was all a dream, a collective dream. As dreams do sometimes, it will become memory of a fun time and with a few things we might wish were real…

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I started writing these lines a while back. It felt somehow incomplete for a journal entry. Recent events changed that.

Distant lands

It began a while ago. As people pushed the exploration of the Eastern Mountains [EM] they encountered tougher and tougher creatures. That area is really tough and you need a well-coordinated group to stand a chance there. In time, of course, we will be able to cope with what’s out there, but for now, this is still the frontier.

That is a little beyond me though. The only organized expeditions to these areas are at a time when I am studying. Ad hoc groups that could handle these parts are not easy to muster. This was not going to be an area I could see for a while, or so I told myself.

The wind turns…

Whirlwind and Harper changed all that. Their study of the Cloud, the hard work they put into understanding it and mapping its travels over Puddleby Island changed all that. They’ve done research over years and it paid off in a big way. They managed to jump off of it and into that new area. And in doing so they encountered some of the locals, people we didn’t know we shared Puddleby Island with up until now.

There are perhaps answers to questions that have been haunting me for quite a while in that region of Puddleby. And new questions arise as well. What is the link to Metzetli Island? Who are those Orgs and how are they related to Orgas? What, exactly, are Windspinners?

And turns…

And now we’ve encountered Windspinners in their monasteries and a dialog started. They share our thirst for better knowledge of these lands and our curiosity for ancient devices and constructs, like mirrors and Clouds and all those relics of a time past and an unknown culture that disappeared but left a breadcrumb trail leading, hopefully, to greater understanding.

What we will learn from these folks is still a mystery. They will also learn from us, and together we will push the boundaries of our world and our understanding.

Foghaven Monastery

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Exiles now and then

This isn’t a complete list, of course. Please, if your name isn’t listed here, don’t hold it against me as my memory isn’t what it used to be (yes, I’m old). There might be a few names that some will remember.

Abra, Ace Rimmer, Achates, Ada, Adelaide, Adelina, Adrastus, Aeaea, Aeol, Aerin, Aeris, Aerizith, Afrit, Agent, Agrehk, Ahh, AiJuin, Aine, Ainvar, Ake, Akisha, Alasee, Alatar, Alayn, Alby, Alchemist, Alcofribis, Ald, Aldor, Aldwyn, Aldynes, Algar, Algernon, Alieshia, Alkarwen, Allanon, Alleria, Althea, Althus, Altir, Amarah, Amarais Fina, Amberdrake, Ambika, Amelia, Amfi, Anaeka, Andarius, Andrea, Aneides, Anfyr, Angela, Animayshun, Another, Anya, Aradia, Aravir, Arbitur, Archemar, Argyle, Aries, Arlo, Arod, Aronar, Arteress Lai, Artesia, Asenath, Ashandra, Aspasia, Asren, Astor, Astrid, Athenah, Atma, Atn, Aughra, Aukrion, Aurelie, Axell, Axia, Axis, Ayako, Aye’Cha, Ayella, Ayelwen, Azael, Azriel, Azuki, Baalzamon, Babajaga, Babbette, Baby, Babyfish, Bach, Baffette, Baffina, Balinar, Baltok, Baraboo, Barinac, Barrow, Bast, Bastion, Batman, Bauxi, Bean, Bebe, Beck, Behr, Beldaran, Belgarion, Belur, Biff, Biro, Bizob, Blackhole, Bladebringer, Blort, Blossom, Bob the Archer, Boggs, Bokonon, Bonehead, Boris, Borton, Brahtz, Brimstar, Brock, Brune, Buckwheat, Bulgorius, Buluku, Cade, Califas, Calil, Callia, Callus, Caramel, Cassadra, Cassandra, Catlin, Cecil, Cena, Ceres, Chance, Charlos, Cheech, Chiaro, Chicot, Chisel, Chitra, Chmee, Chronos, Cinderella, Cirnahl, Citrene, CJ Parker, Clio, Cody, Coeur de Leon, Coldy, Commodus, Comus, Conaria, Connie Crete, Cor, Coriakin, Cradlesong, Creed, Crim, Crunch, Crystal, Curdsonway, Curiosity, Cusea, Cyan, Cyradis, D’Ead, D’Noma, Dae Fenris, Dagiris, daNako, Dandelion, Danul, daPapy, Dar, Darad, Darnok, Darth Wader, Davis Puddleby, Deathlord, Delilah, Delirium, Demian, Dierdre, Dinsdale, Diomedes, Diotima, Distortions, Djinn, Dnoma, Doctor X, Dolgan, Dr Funky, Dr Malthus, Drablak, Drathos, Drenn, Drue’Dreemi, Ducktape, Dusty, Ebony, Eden, Edramor, Eek, Eiko, Eil’daen, Eirian Caldwell, Elbereth, Eleanor, Elena, Elenis Reyav, Elim, Elisa, Elise, Elleda, Elli, Elrod, Emer, Emi, Emma, Ensing, Entil’Zha, Enya, Eruc Brokk, Etesu, Eudaimonia, Evan’faerdan, Evdex, Eve, Eyeball, Ezail, Ezi, Fafnir, Falken, Fanan, Fantasia, Farb, Fel Gabriel, Felicity, Feodoric, Finn, Fio, Fiona, Firebird, Fishwinkle, Fishylish, Fist of Fluff, Florine, Fogtripper, Foriandrah, Foxx, Freyja, Frozen Shade, Frucesca, Fundin, Fury, Fyr’hiel, Gady, Gaf’na, Galadriel, Ganymede, Gareth, Garonor, Gautama, Geotzou, Geraldus, Gevurah, Ghoti, Gilean, Gilgamesh, Gimli, Glug, Gobo, Gonzo, Gorvin, Gossamer, GrayGradi, Great Pumpkin, Gremlins, Groan, Grog, Groggy Lenk, Grymhildr, Guinness, Gunslinger, Gurgi, Gustave, Hadji, Hado, Haenk, Halo, Han, Harmachis, Harper, Hato, Hawkthorn, Healery, Heccacia, Helios, Hepta, Hex, Hidden, Hikari, Himitsu, Holly, Hopebringer, Hrothgar, Humbaba, Hunk, Hyeron, Icy, Ihaeldu, Iho, Illora Mone, Ina, Indigo, Innocence, Iodu, Iris, Ish’tar, Ishme, Izumi, J’dy, J’jh, J’nder, Jade, Janus, Javelin, Jeanne, Jeepers, Jo Ma’ril, Joel, Joshua, Jotran, Julia, Julian, Juren, Jynx, K’Pyn, K’vynn, K’Wf, Kahlon, Kaija, Kaitlyn, Kalian, Kalle’, Kalyen, Kamik, Kani, Karsun, Kaspar, Katan, Kayaan, Kayander Mere, Kekz, Kelfer, Keller, Kelron, Kenegluk, Kensington, Kessaman, Kestral, Kiara, Kiaro, Kijjan, Kilamango, Kimmy, KingFisher, Kira, Kirara, Kiriel D’Sol, Kirth Gersen, Kisa, Kitlin, Knucklehead, Kodel, Koden, Kodo, Kojiro, Koreila, Koric, Krandor, Krane, Kudar F’leaf, Kupon, Kurumi, Kwan’Yin, Kyp, Lacan, Laiy, Lamprey, Laniken, Lard Almighty, Larno, Larris, Laseria, Lassair, Leggo, Lelu, Lena, Leonie, Leos, Lex, Library Healer, Lil Elpur, Lilit, Lily Fren, Lister, Loco, Loila, Lonesome Dove, Lori, Lorik, Lorikeet, Lorreen, Loryn, Lothelien, Lov’sya, Lox, Lucent, Lucio, Lucy, Luminary, Luna, LunaBlue, Lunah, Lundar, Lyrale, Mablum, Mac, Macavity, Maeght, Maelmianore, Maforric’ta, Magdalene, Mage, Magnar, Magnels, Mahar, Majaki, Makie, Malbec, Malkor, Mango, Manticore, Maratha, Marina, Marko, MaryJane, Math, Matt, Maxmillian, Mehan, Mephisto, Merlisk, Merrill, Michael, Mikan Z, Millenia, Min’dra, Mirhil, Miser, Misian, Mjollnir, Moggle, Molek Jethro, Mona, Moon Kitty, Moonchilde, Moonlight, Moonshadow, MordredMaerii, Morgana, MrFancyPants, Mrrzarlyx, MuadDib, Mujinkun, Murphy, Muwe, Myria, Myrtle, Mysteree, Mysterio, Naferu, Napalm, Narsilion, Nasus, Natas, Natasha, Nazdika, Neige, Nemesis, Nephilim, Nettle, Nevyn, Nick, Niji, Nissa, Nohurt, Nova, Nunul, Nyika, Nynaeve, Nyshia, Nyssa, Oberon, Ockeghem, Ogant, Okei, Olaf, Oleandar, Olmy, Omega, Opale, Oranges, Org Du Lac, Oriole, Ortlinde, Panos, Panthro, Papa, Paramedic, Pazuzu, Perotin, Perrin, Phaos, Phineas, Phiros, Phroon, Platypus, Polanna, Pollox, Popo, Praetorius, Prowl, Prue, Puffy, Pun’isher, Puq, PureHeat, PureHeavin, PureHero, Pyro, Pyropoultry, Quinn, Radames, Ragi, Ragnarok, Rakshasa, Raldin, Rasmus, Rasputin, Rath, Ravenstorm, RaymondShifter, Razz, Regigamaqk, Reika, Reisa, Rel’lim, Relkin, Rellen, Reye, Rhys, Righ Badenoch, Rikki, Rincewind, Ripley, Rivba, Robin, Robin Greyhawk, Rokentu, Rome, Rosencrantz, Rroot, Ruby, Rue, Rylantar, Sabastien, Saffire, Sagramor, Sahara, Sai, Sakura, Sala Dragon, Salandra, Salazar, Salvador, Samael, Samwise, SarAgoth, Sargon, Sasha, Sativa, Saulace, Sauron, Savage, Savior, SaWrap, Schmu, Scout, Sean, Sednarb, Selucreh, Selwyn, Semirhage, Sengir, Sephorus, Sephroth, ShadowD, Shadowmist, Shadrock, Shakam, Shakyamuni, Shamhat, Shen Calin, Sherrada, Shira, Shrub, Sian, Sie’Limpa, SiEndryl, Silky, Sin, Siri, Sirona, Sithrah, Skytears, Sleipnir, Slim, Slyph, Snow, Snowblind, SnowLion, Snowy, Socrates, Sognus, Sonndyh, Sor, Soulmaster, Speedier, Sproutfoot, Squirrel, Stahl, Station, Sten, Stinkfist, Strabo, Strongblade, Stubby, Sugar, Sum, Sunblaze, Sunoril, Super Chicken, Sutai, Sweet, Sweets, Sylvie, T’Liiq, T’rr’ll, Tabasa, Taladwy, Talia, Talin, Tama, Taryn, Tas, Task, Tater, Tebara, Telemain, Teller, Tessa, Tharloch, Thealer, TheeMajesty, Theo, Thirithien, Thoomilicious, Thorin, Thornin, Thrund, Thuja, Tigger, Tilethunt, Tima, Tip’ii, Togoko, Tom Joad, Tomair, Tonoto, Topaz, ToriAnn, TreeBeard, Trev, Trinitite, Tripp, Trowa, Trymon, Tsukushi, Twilth, Tyranis Calgar, Urgelt, V’ree, Var, Vayu, Veer, Venron, Veovis, Versianna, Vinny, Viola, Violet, Vivi, Viviana, Vizer, Vorton, Vorvayne, Vree, Wandalyn, Wangah Rah, Warder, Wayfarer, Wedilen, Weltall, Whirl wind, WhiteWolf, William, Worf, WorldWalker, WormTounge, Wrapper, Wutold, Wuzhou, Wyn’kel Ryd, Wystii, Xaerus, Xantcha, Xel, Xelloss, Xenos, Xepel, Xrak, Xrith, Yazza, Yesod, Yharren, Yolo, Yor, Yosaku, YoshidaX, Yotaro, YsXX, Yui, YunHarla, Zandos, Zeitgeist, Zelkhorn, Zhirem, Zibeline, Zidane, Zoa, Zoltan, Zor, Zork, Zorton, Zynx, Zyzyz

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A bit of fresh air and a puddle…

I’ve been spending too much time experimenting in my lab the last few years and not spending enough time out in the rain. My skin is getting dry, I need to find myself a good puddle.

Since the very first day that I’ve been exiled I’ve been trying to comprehend our world. I’ve conducted countless experiments over the years, spending resources and energy trying to get a better understanding of various phenomenons, and exploring in hope of finding something new.

Let’s put it this way, I haven’t accomplished much. I’m not closer to understanding the ethereal plane for instance, or anything else for that matter. I’ve not found a single thing in all that time.

I’ve been fortunate to be in various groups that did interesting things though. My best times in these lands have been in such groups, working together to achieve a goal, and contributing to the best of my abilities.

So I’m going to stop experimenting for a while. I’ll stop trying to solve things that are unsolvable. Instead I’ll spend my time moving through the world in groups that will welcome me and just contribute to the best of my abilities. I guess this is what I should have done from the start. I’m a slow learner.

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