Missing in action

Where are you?

Ok so, for a while I was the one missing in action (MIA). It happens. It happens to most of us. For various reasons.

Whatever the reason, most of us still citizens of Puddleby, come back eventually. Well, hopefully.

It’s true that we lost many over the years. I know I miss many people who went away never to come back. But there are a number of people who are still here after all this time and that is precious. Those who are still here will probably stay until the Sun burns out.

Now, it so happens that many close friends of mine are in that phase. The MIA phase. For some of them I know the reason and my heart goes out to them and I wait patiently for them to heal enough to want to come out. For some I don’t know the reason and I worry a bit. Am I alone in imagining the worst in these situations?

While we wait for those friends to come back, I’ve been busy with various explorations. The Orga Stronghold, and the Rain Forest are among the places I’m exploring these days. I’ve also checked Lugubrion’s Keep again recently and found nothing new. There is still this link to the Ethereal Plane that we tried to solve some years past. At great cost I might add. Still a sore point for me, yet I’ve been there checking things again.

The Rain Forest was new to me and it is a wonderful place. Quite enchanting scenery and the sounds of the forest are unique. We still have things to discover there I’m sure, and I’m enjoying exploring.

As for the Orga Stronghold, we’ve finally reached Trillbane! For me, this adventure started decades ago, as I explained in another entry. After a long hiatus on that journey, I started again on its path a few years ago with Taryn’s group. After much efforts we finally found Trillbane this zodiac and I started training with him. It was a surprise to me he was a Fen. Nobody had mentioned that. And now finally I’ll reach the (current) top-level of pathfinding. Well, I’ll reach it eventually! 🙂

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