Slowly my pathfinding skill improves. I still can’t open any new path but I check those close to town regularly. Soon!

In another topic altogether, I’ve had an opportunity recently and, since I was in the mood for a change of style, I accepted Taryn’s generous offer of orgaberries and went from my usual drab attire to a more (hopefully) distinctive look. I had to ask my friend Lily for some fashion help, since this is really not something I’m use to do. I quite like the result! /thank Taryn and Lily!

Waiting to port to the Orga Stronghold

In other news, we continue our exploration of the Orga Stronghold. We encountered a major spawn while the group was split and that was quite exciting. We managed to recover with some great foot work by Naferu and the skills of our healers. We then got everyone back except for Fiona who was chained by a razzia then ported in a hut near Bartok’s tent. We couldn’t make it to her though and she had to depart. This is a challenging area but we’re getting better at it and we’re working well as a team. I’ve had many opportunities to chain in this expedition and the opportunity to try my yell chain load macro but it still needs some work!

All great fun!

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