Wondering what all this is about?

This page is OOC (i.e., Out Of Character)

If you don't understand what this web site is about then this page is for you. This whole site is created by a fictional character in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord which is produced by Delta Tao.

In this game-world there is a character named Drablak who writes down his thoughts and theories on scrolls in a library. These pages represent these scrolls. Nothing in these pages is real. All of this web site, with the exception of this page, is in-character (IC).

Tools used to make this site

This web site is hand coded with Sublime Text 3. Vector graphics are made with Affinity Designer. Bitmap images are edited with Pixelmator and transparencies are set with Acorn. The files are transfered to the server with Transmit.

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