This is my hideaway in Puddleby. I come here when I want to think by myself or when I feel tired and need to rest (although there are other places also where I go to rest). I come here also when I need to hide. If you know me you know why I need to hide once in a while. If you don't know me, well, this is a good place to start. And you can always come talk to me in the lands.

About these scrolls

If you are a newer exile

You might want to start with these scrolls:

There are many other scrolls that I keep in this section of the library, and I group them by theme. You can access the various categories by the menu on the left of this scroll. If you don't see that list of categories go there.

Frequent visitors should check the "what's new" section where I list all the changes/additions I make to any of the scrolls. I also put the date of the last update just below the "What's new" menu on the left so that it is easy to see if there has been an update since the last time you visited.

I keep a journal here. I'm writing in that section again now.

There are other things too. Explore these pages and hopefully you'll find something that will interest you. Have fun.

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