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Note on working with macros

If you're looking for a text editor to work on macros, you should consider this great text editor: Sublime Text 3. You should then install the Swift syntax package and then use that as your language type (independant of the extension used) as it will nicely syntax-color CL macro files!

This is OOC

Note: due to the nature of what is discussed here, this section is OOC.

Other macro resources

For an introduction on Macros: Macros basics. For a more complete reference check here instead.


Here are a few macros that could be useful. Most are of my own creation, but some are based on the work of others, I /thank them for their inspiration. I offer no garanties, implied of explicit, so test them in non-critical situations before putting your life or those of your group on the line!

Under construction. Check back soon for a number of macros.
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