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Lundi, day 70 of Autumn, 587 [2012-06-10]

At long last...

There was this idea that I had a long time ago, long before I went on my sabbatical. It was just an idea at first, a reference I saw in the library about an old myth that sowed the seed of what would become a concept.

Then this concept became an idea, and over time it became a project.

Then, before it could become more, I went on a long leave of absence, for various reasons. Among these various reasons, many were about loss. One of those losses was the loss of kindred spirits.

Then I heard the call again, there, deep inside of me, very close to where my heart is. I heard the call and I came back, only to discover a world that was both similar and different. The discovered lands were expended. The population was reduced. Of those that remained, only a few was I able to call friends. A few more was I able to call acquaintances.

Surprisingly some people remembered me. I am always surprised that people notice me. Some people I did not know thanked me for my maps or my scrolls. That was a balm on the freshly reopened wounds, the memory of those missing people, those that were not here when I came back.

Then something wonderful happened. I met people, old and new, that were of kindred spirit. I also joined a few endeavours that revived my thirst for exploration. That reminded me of the joy of being out there amongst people who were there for the simple pleasure of seeing what was beyond the next hill.

My old project imposed itself upon me again. Took shape. And even morphed into something a little bit different.

I dusted my old sketches, read my notes anew, set out to make this project a reality.

Then the wait began.

After a while, just as hope was about to trade places with despair, and as I was feeling myself drawn again into oblivion, a light appeared. Full of life, full of mischief, with a thirst that would not be denied. A light that was a able to shield me from the darkness.

This light grew, and with it came kinship. With it came hope. And now, at long last, this idea became a reality.

The Hel Tree Order clan was founded on Lundi, day 70 of Autumn, 587, thanks to hard work, the conviction, the light of a few individuals who shared my dream.

You have my thanks.

This is only the begining.

Beginnings are wonderful.


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