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Kuyem.gif In light of recent events, and also as a result of my tenure as a member of the academic staff of the University of Puddleby, I have been asked by its officials to make available, once more, my various scrolls on the more esoteric subjects that are of interest to me and for which I have conducted research over the years. Kuyem.gif

Research topics

  • Ethereal studies
  • Ethereal Plane
  • Map of EP
  • EP Tower
  • REEF
  • Brion Lore
  • My emblem
  • Snippets
  • The Lost Scrolls - Introduction

    This section of my library has been kept, for the last few decades, in boxes under a stair. Because of that, most of the scrolls in this section are full of cobwebs and their content has not been updated in a very long time. I will probably endeavour to dust off the cobwebs and shine a new light on the content of these scrolls, and perhaps even add a few covering the research topics that have occupied my time in more recent years, if there is enough interest.

    In the mean time you will find some useful information amongst these scrolls. I went through these old scrolls to make sure nothing that was speculated in them, at the time it was written, was now known to be wrong. I also added a few comments here and there to add relevant information that has since been found and that I felt were important.

    A short history of the early days of the exploration of the Ethereal Plane

    At the time that I started working on these scrolls, some 48+ years ago, the Ethereal Plane was a complete unknown. In fact, more than just unknown, the Ethereal Plane [EP] was, in those days, not yet fully formed. The term used at the time was not yet fully "coalesced."

    Long before that, ether had no structure. It was only chaos. A medium without up or down, without a solid ground where you could place your foot. Think of a vast maelstrom of currents or winds where you don't see more than a few feet in front of you and where you are floating in greyness. Then, through an interaction between our consciousness and that medium, ether, order formed from chaos. At first only a limited part of Ether coalesced. A foothold into a greater chaos, but it was a start. It is our minds, apprehending that plane, that caused it to coalesce into its present form. But this process took some time.

    The first to visit that plane and to affect it were the Brions. We don't know much about how they came upon it or why. The Brions have been in these lands for longer than exiles. Each of the brothers is different and has different interests, but they all seem to have an interest in the Ethereal Plane. And, they decided to involve us in the study of Ether for some unknown reason. At least, some of them decided to involve us. Perhaps they needed the minds of exiles to help coalesce the plane into structure.

    So, for whatever reason, they involved us: by giving us a few Ethereal Portal Stones, by giving us a few Ethereal Amulets, and eventually by giving us access to teachers (sarirs) to train us in using these tools. They also encouraged us to take ethereal flow measurements, claiming that the plane was in flux. By doing all of these things they accelerated the process of the coalescence (formation) of the plane. To fulfill what goal? That is not clear. But it is clear that not all the brothers were equally at peace with our involvement.

    When I first visited the Ethereal Plane, only the first sphere was directly accessible to us. Ethereal Portal Stones opened portals only to the first sphere in those days. Aside from these EPS, the only way to get to EP was through a Zodiac Maze. There was a short time where it was possible also through one of the Brion conference room. But those where the only methods of access to the plane.

    We explored what we though at first to be the whole plane, but that would later be known as "the first sphere." We encountered regions of dense ether that were impenetrable, not knowing what they were: these later coalesced into the passageways that would lead to the other spheres which were not yet formed. It was a time of changes in EP. As our understanding of the plane grew, the plane itself changed into what would eventually become an orderly structure.

    We visited the various places in EP and the homes of the Brions. There we found libraries containing texts written in ciphers. After much efforts we broke the codes and we managed to read some fragments of the texts contained in those libraries. These lead us to greater understanding. That lead to more coalesced spheres and more exploration. Eventually we discovered there are nine sectors in what would become the first sphere. Eventually we would discover that there were passageways to other spheres. And that these spheres contained 9 sectors also. As our training with the sarir grew, we learned the name of these sectors and the order of the spheres. Slowly a picture of the plane developed.

    But the ways to EP were arduous. Aside from the elusive and fragile EPS (which were available only through dealing with one of the Brion brothers, hence very hard to get), the only way to get to EP was to walk one of the Zodiac Mazes. In those days, Portal Island didn't exist. It had not been created by the Brions yet. So we worked hard to find our way through those Zodiac Mazes. We developed solutions to these various gates. We developed strategies to survive them and to survive EP itself once there. We explored and we mapped and we deciphered and we learned. It was a great time for all of us and, through these scrolls and through my journal, I wanted to share with others what we were exposed to.

    So, here they are again for you to read. Hopefully you will enjoy them and find something useful in them. They are not complete and they are not up to date, but I will work on that, if there is interest.

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