Here I put some of the pictures I take on my various adventures.

Note: unless otherwise noted, all images are sketched true to life with no modifications. The picture of me with the rock on the left, for example, was not post edited.

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A glorious day for me! When I was promoted to Mystic.

Now how did I get here?

A Full Moon Orga Camp Raid (also called fmocr).

In the Foothills - a book on pathfinding.

In the Foothills - the infamous Pitch Cave (aka PC), where noids throw webs at you.

Casting my mind ahead in the PC.


A mystic costumed hunt!

Invasion of the killer bunnies! It was all Maquiladora's fault.

Resting in Umbrion Zodiac Maze.

Several of the Feast of T'sirrinn

"Now where are my 5000 brothers so I can bug Michael?"

Trying to fool the undine during the feast of T'sirrinn so that they wouldn't try to kill me. (Didn't work)

A hunt with SDC in Melabrion's keep

A SDC hunt in KI Cove

That's just before I build my first kuyem on Centaur Island

A big ethereal storm hits west town. Portals openned in a line and accumulated in a corner.

Exploring the Ethereal Plane with Gurgi.

Cimmbrion's conferance room.

Diotima returns to Puddleby after a long absence.

A new island grows in the ocean.

I found out about a change in one of the huts in SW Farms where the floor was removed and a muddy patch appeared in the corner. Apparently Sarir thinks it's a Mud Golem he is looking for that did that.

This is something I made to submit to the Pie Art Contest. There were not enough entries (only one!) so many people (like me) with little talent made something to submit. Of course, this didn't win anything.

Look for older pictures in the Scrapbook Archives

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